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Sara Akers, Event Coordinator

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● Bag on Board = 1 point 

● Bag through Hole = 3 points 

● Bags that hit the ground prior to landing on the board or going into the hole do not count 

● Any bag hanging off the board and touching the ground does not count 

● Any bag hanging in the hole only counts as 1 point 

● Cancellation scoring is used at the end of each round. After all 8 bags have been thrown; the score is calculated based on the bags that remain on the board and have gone in the hole. If Team A has 4 points and Team B has 3 points, Team A will get 1 point 

● Team scoring points in the prior round shoots first, if no points scored the same team goes first 

● A game is played to 21+. There is no win by 2 or bust rule for going over 21 


Players will alternate throwing their 4 bags down to the board on the other end Players will play on opposite board of their teammate This is not a random draw, please bring your own teammate 


Tournament will be a double elimination 


$20 per team to register 


Notes to consider posting on the page: This tournament is for charity and to raise money for the family, please note that boards and bags could vary in styles. 


If you have any questions/concerns/comments please email or call 802-249-7860 

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